Hava Tahmini


Overall view of the house.Salty Breeze Apartment has a unique interior design, and comprises of a spacious living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

From the very entrance you will feel as if you are already on the beach - dazzled by the charm of the huge panoramic coastal photo wallpaper, and stepping on the sand and the clamshells under the wide floor-glass at the oval entrance, shaped in a non-standard form.

A look into the living room.The perception is complemented by the lovely varnished ornament of branches and tree trunks, sculptured and smoothened year after year by the blue waves of the Black Sea, specially brought in my apartment after being thrown ashore in stormy weather.

An important additional moment of making you feel at home are the numerous beatiful hand-crafted elements like the wooden hangers, the aesthetical wide kitchen in an old-fashioned wooden style, the large wall pano in the bedroom etc.

The living room and the kitchen.The living room comprises of a large room with a wide L-shaped 6 meters kitchen (2 by 4 m.) with many devices and amenities (refrigerator, woven, double ceramic hot plate, aspirator, washing machine), a 32" LCD TV, stereo system with loudspeakers, wireless wi-fi internet with  powerful range, nice black leather sofa (3rd adult/child can sleep there when unfolded), and uniquely wide french windows with a 7-meter long balcony, opening a wonderful view towards one of the most splendid gardens in Pomorie in the yard of the History Museum. There are a few ancient stone artefacts in it, 2 military cannons, and a children's playground, so our apartment is also suitable for young families.

The cosy sleeping room.In the fully equipped kitchen we offer all modern amenities. The bedroom is consisting of a king-sized bed with a wardrobe and a library section, TV, large wooden pano, and a small balcony. The large bed is not an ordinary one - apart from the memory foam mattress, each part is separate and can be tilted upwards, thus allowing the husband to sleep horisontally while the wife reads a book in the upper position of the bed.

The bathroom.Following the overall idea for the apartment's vision is also the roman-tracian style bathroom, made in beige colors and with nice embossed wall friezes and a ceramic plate with the 3 nymphs (always connected with baths, mineral water springs and medical treatments' places such as Pomorie's famous mud treatments). The faucets are from the renowned German company GROHE, the water heater is by TESY (best BG company), and the WC is by FAYANS (also working for the Italian ROCA). Another convenient facility is the wide sink, big and classy enough even for the most pretentious tastes.

We sincerely hope you like your vacation in Pomorie and in our apartment at least as much as we liked furbishing it for you so splendidly and imaginatively. Allow the positive emotions of this place flow into you and your vacation in our city, guaranteeing you the best future memories!

We look forward to seeing you!

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